Car Exhaust Fitting Services are Vital

Exhaust Fitting Services

Did you know that exhaust fumes kill more people than road traffic accidents?

Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts car exhaust fitting team does.

We appreciate that every car owner can’t be expected to be a mechanic, tyre fitter or exhaust expert but it is an area which should be monitored to ensure roadworthiness and adherence to legislation and environmental statutes. If something seems to be wrong, a strange noise or activity, for example, this could be a sign of an exhaust issue.

Exhaust fitting centres play an integral part in maintaining a healthy vehicle and passengers.

What does the exhaust do?

For people who don’t spend their time working on vehicles the parts and functions can be a mystery but you need to know that the exhaust is vital to safety and effective operation.

  • It directs exhaust fumes away from passengers in the vehicle.
  • The exhaust improves the engine’s performance.
  • The fuel consumption rate is more efficient.
  • The exhaust controls noise from operation.

Isn’t it just the pipe?

No, there’s more to it than the tailpipe.

A silencer box or boxes are attached to the tailpipe and the catalytic converter.

Silencers can fall prey to corrosion from acidic moisture.

The silencer boxes ensure that environmental legislation is adhered to.

The exhaust manifold is the funnel that releases exhaust fumes from the engine.

Hissing, roaring and any unfamiliar noises normally indicate a problem with the exhaust manifold, gasket or the tailpipe. This may be a blockage or crack.

Rattling could mean that the exhaust has come out of alignment and you need to contact car exhaust fitting specialists.

Seams, joins and rusty components should also be looked at by professionals.

We’re here to help you stay safe

When you need to find an exhaust centre near me, place us at the top of your list of trustworthy and competitively priced customer service providers.

If you have an inkling that there may be an issue please don’t leave it to chance, ignore it or hope that the problem will miraculously disappear. Pop in and see one of our trained, qualified and experienced team members, led by Mick Jones, and we’ll check the exhaust and advise on any required actions.

We’ll evaluate whether a smaller fix, perhaps welding, is more suitable. All our work is under guarantee.

You may not welcome the unexpected expense but isn’t peace of mind a precious commodity?

Don’t endanger yourself, the people you care about or the general public, seek professional and comprehensive solutions at the earliest opportunity. It could make the difference between life and death in the most serious cases. 

Enjoy swift service at Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts

If the correct exhaust for your vehicle isn’t in stock and on the premises for fitting, it can normally be sourced within 30 minutes. We charge competitive fees and appreciate that you could have chosen other exhaust fitting centres instead of us.

As a valued customer, you can enjoy full confidence in our commitment, knowledge and car exhaust fitting abilities.

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