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What to Expect From Your Local Tyre Centre

If you want to ensure your vehicle is safe, roadworthy and efficient, keeping your tyres in good condition is vital. Take a look at how Thatcham Tyre Centre can help…

The Effects of The Long Hot Summer on Your Car

Summer 2018 hit some phenomenal temperatures and for some of us the advance in to autumn is a welcome break from the heat. So, if you feel that way, how well do you think your car tyres have coped during the hottest summer since 1976?

Where’s an exhaust centre near me?

Hello. Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts are proud to be local, respected, cost effective and highly efficient. We couple our knowledge with dedication and friendliness that you don’t get from a national chain of exhaust centres. You’re just one of a long line of people and vehicles with them but our team know our customers and call many of them friends. We have seen several generations of the same family pass through the centre with their exhaust, tyre and realignment needs.

Are your tyres looking tired?

We hate to lecture, so we won’t, but you should be aware of your responsibilities related to tyre laws. Please don’t close the webpage window. This will be interesting and informative so please read on.