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Here are some frequently asked questions about us

1What other services do you offer?
We also supply and fit batteries, brakes and shock absorbers for most vehicles.
2What if I have a irregular tyre size?


We keep a large range of tyres in stock, including Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Toyo, Firestone, Avon and Cooper. If we haven’t got the ones you need here, we can usually get them in for you within 24 hours. Please do ask if there is a particular make of tyre (or unusual size) that you require. We can order in most tyres within hours. We are always extremely competitive on price.


3What if you don't have the exhaust I need in stock?
When it comes to exhausts, we can get most parts in within half an hour. We fit exhausts to all makes and models and this can usually be done while you wait. If you prefer, we can deliver your vehicle back to your home or workplace when the work is done. At Thatcham Tyre and Exhausts, customer service and satisfaction is our No 1 priority.
4Can you fit my tyres while I wait? How long will it take?

Yes, fitting tyres is usually done while customers wait. Typically, if you're having 4 new tyres fitted we'll need about 30-40 minutes to remove the old ones, fit the new ones and new valves and balance the wheels. Because we offer a first come, first served system at Thatcham Tyres it's usually better to arrive early and beat the queues. If you don't fancy the idea of sitting around for a few minutes, let us know and we can arrange to collect and drop off your vehicle so you can get on with your work.

5My car doesn't like to start on cold mornings; could this be my battery?

The performance of all batteries drops drastically at low temperatures; this is due to the chemical reaction that takes place inside the battery to generate power (electricity or charge). In colder temperatures this chemical reaction is slowed down considerably so the battery cannot produce the full output  that it would at, say, 20C - the optimal operating temperature for batteries.

If your car battery seems very sluggish in the cold mornings (or evenings) it's likely to be due to a combination of the cold weather reducing the battery's efficiency and the inevitable loss of efficiency over the years. All batteries will lose a percentage of their output potential each year. 

If you have the option, try putting your car in the garage overnight when it's really cold. If not, let us check your battery for performance: it's a simple test and only takes a few seconds. We can advise you on whether the battery is on its way out or not.

We have a big stock of high performance batteries, all ready-charged and ready to be fitted to your vehicle while you wait. Our prices are some of the lowest in Berkshire too.

6What makes of tyres do you stock?

We stock a large range of tyres from a good selection of major tyre manufacturers. As an example, we've usually got good stocks of Pirelli, Firestone, Goodyear,  Michelin, Bridgestone, Toyo, Avon, Dunlop and Cooper tyres. We also stock Vredestein and Khumo. If you prefer a particular make of tyre, just give us a call on 01635 86 94 72 and we'll be happy to quote you a very keen price and order the tyres in ready to fit them for you.

7Will I be able to change a wheel if I get a puncture?

Many tyre fitters use compressed airlines to tighten wheelnuts on cars after fitting new tyres or balancing the wheel. These can easily over-tighten the wheelnuts and make them almost impossible to undo (particularly at the roadside where you only have a basic car toolkit). At Thatcham Tyre and Exhaust we use a torque gauge to ensure wheelnuts are not over-tightened, meaning that should you have a puncture at the roadside and need to change the wheel yourself, you should be able to do so.

8Can I leave my car with you?

Yes, our first come, first serve system means you won't have to wait long but if you have places to be you, can drop your car off and get on with your day.  Alternatively, we can collect your car and drop it off.