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Thatcham tyre centre, station road

We stock a full range of the most popular tyres. We can almost guarantee to find you any tyre you need from any manufacturer – any brand, any size.

Our range includes:

Premium TyresMid-range Tyres

We also stock and source a variety of low cost tyres, often known as 'budget tyres'. These come in various grades; we only stock reputable brands that we have been selling for years, so we know the quality and reliability. Our Nexen range is a good example; great tyres that won't let you down, all at great prices.

If we haven’t got the tyres you’re looking for in stock we can usually get them for you within 24 hours.

How we work

Every tyre we sell has a new valve and before fitting them to the vehicle we make sure they’re balanced correctly, using environmentally friendly lead-free weights. We re-fit the wheels using a manual torque-wrench to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Once they’re on the vehicle we offer a free laser alignment check and, if there are any problems, can put them right for a small fee. In addition to car tyres, we supply and fit tyres for anything from wheelbarrows, through ride-on lawnmowers to 4x4s and large vans. We can also repair punctures as long as the tyre is legally repairable.

Call and collect

We can do the work while you wait, or if you prefer you can leave the vehicle with us and we'll call you when it's ready for collection. Most jobs are completed within 30-40 mins though. Additionally, because we fit tyres near Thatcham train station you can still travel if you leave your car with us.

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