Are your tyres looking tired?

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We hate to lecture, so we won’t, but you should be aware of your responsibilities related to tyre laws. Please don’t close the webpage window. This will be interesting and informative so please read on.

  1. Are tyres cracked, deteriorating or is the tyre tread becoming distorted? If yes, you should speak to one of our team immediately.
  2. Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that has contact with the road, the two surfaces should be in excellent condition for optimum safety.
  3. Part worn tyres are tyres which have been used previously. They’re normally imported and are at less than 50% tread. The industry is not keen on clients using second hand tyres. New is best, always.
  4. Retread tyres can sometimes be made from unsound tyres. These should never be used. Permitted retread tyres have a sound structure, old rubber and sidewall to work with. They will behave well when they aren’t exposed to high levels of pressure.
  5. Bald tyres should be replaced, they could be lethal.
  6. Tyre treads are meant to remove water from the road and facilitate the best levels of grip. When the tread is at the legal limit this is actually when it is no longer viable and should be replaced.
  7. RoSPA strongly recommends that tyres should be changed before they reach the legal tread limit.
  8. Measure tread yourself frequently and if in any doubt please seek a qualified professional, one of the Thatcham Tyre and Exhaust’s team.
  9. Clean treads to remove small items and stones which may lodged in the tyres. This may sound like a task you’d want to avoid but you do so at your own peril. Again, we can help you with this maintenance work.
  10. Only an expert should advise about changing tyre types, the wrong choice by an unknowledgeable person could have serious ramifications.
  11. Tyre pressures need to be managed so that the best lifespan and handling can be achieved.
  12. Tyre valves are another area to be assessed regularly. Damage can lead to issues.


If you are in any doubt as to whether you are acting within the law, please don’t take risks. The professional team at Thatcham Tyre and Exhaust are experts who will happily assess tyres and deliver peace of mind or advise on your next step to be law abiding on the road.

We fit new tyres and valves, offer free laser alignment checks and balancing plus torque wrench fitting.

We actively source and fit the best parts to minimise future problems.

We offer a while-you-wait service or customers can call back.

We deliver top quality services and products without premium pricing.

Reputable popular tyre brands are retained in stock and if we haven’t got particular tyres we can have them on the premises within 24 hours, often on the same day.

If you have a tyre issue it will be swiftly resolved when you talk to Thatcham Tyre and Exhaust’s experienced, friendly team.