July 2017

Where’s an exhaust centre near me?

Hello. Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts are proud to be local, respected, cost effective and highly efficient. We couple our knowledge with dedication and friendliness that you don’t get from a national chain of exhaust centres. You’re just one of a long line of people and vehicles with them but our team know our customers and call many of them friends. We have seen several generations of the same family pass through the centre with their exhaust, tyre and realignment needs.

Local Tyre Fitting Services

Here at Thatcham Tyre and Exhausts we don’t believe that any customer should feel like they are just one more person in the long succession that we see every day. Each tyre assessment, tyre fitting services or exhaust task you bring to us deserves, and receives, 100% commitment, professionalism and expertise. You enjoy a friendly, informative service.