We’re Your Local Exhaust Specialists

Exhaust Centre Near Me

Using national chains for car exhaust fitting services can leave you feeling as though you are just another person with a car in an endless and impersonal stream.

We don’t like that feeling at Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts, we’re local exhaust specialists who offer friendly, efficient exhaust and car maintenance services that make you feel special.

We have the time, and the inclination, to help clients to understand their vehicles, what their exhaust does and why they need car exhaust fitting specialists and when there is an issue we don’t lose them in a barrage of jargon.

We’re here for you. We’re your local exhaust specialists.

We’re trained, qualified and experienced.

We believe in the highest levels of customer service.

All our work comes with a guarantee.

Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts is reputable, established and respected.

Prices are competitive.

Parts are of the best quality. We don’t compromise on that. You don’t, why would we?

We offer swift, effective solutions.

Many exhausts and parts are held in stock.

We can source parts which are out of stock within 30 minutes.

We never pressurise customers in to anything they’re not happy with.

We care, that’s why we have so many customers who trust and return to us.

Did you know that your exhaust is vital?

  • It directs exhaust fumes away from passengers in the vehicle.
  • The exhaust improves the engine’s performance.
  • The exhaust ensures efficient fuel consumption.
  • The exhaust controls noise from activity.



A silencer box or boxes - attached to the tailpipe and the catalytic converter. Integral to maintaining legal levels.

The exhaust manifold - the funnel that releases exhaust fumes from the engine.

Signs that you have an issue with your exhaust include:

If you spot separating seams, joins or rusty components, call in to your local exhaust specialist – us.

A problem with the exhaust manifold, gasket or the tailpipe is often accompanied by audible clues – hissing, roaring.

A blockage or crack can also be noisy.

Rattling regularly signals that the exhaust has come out of alignment.It may sound scary, but car exhaust fitting specialists can attend to this efficiently.

Silencers can suffer from corrosion caused by acidic moisture.

Think of us for overall car maintenance

We’re local exhaust specialists but we are also leading tyre, brakes and batteries experts.

Ideally, car maintenance checks should be carried out regularly by a car owner or you can ask our team to double check that tyres conform to legislation, if brakes are being affected by wear and tear and battery performance.

Don’t take unnecessary risks

Don’t assume that an unusual occurrence with any part of a vehicle can be ignored, always seek a professional, qualified assessment. We may well be able to halt a problem before it becomes a larger issue, this can save you money.

We want to help you, your passengers and other road users stay safe so when you think “I need an exhaust centre near me,” we hope that you’ll place your trust in our proficient and trusted hands.