Local Tyre Fitting Services

Local Tyre Fitting Services

National chains try but they can’t emulate our special local firm approach.

Here at Thatcham Tyre and Exhausts we don’t believe that any customer should feel like they are just one more person in the long succession that we see every day. Each tyre assessment, tyre fitting services or exhaust task you bring to us deserves, and receives, 100% commitment, professionalism and expertise. You enjoy a friendly, informative service.

A local tyre specialist like us has time to educate, reassure and add the personal touch to your visit. There are numerous national chains who’ll deliver an impersonal and functional service but we’re renowned tyre fitting services specialists who live in the area, work for people and enterprises across the county, and when you think of tyre fitting near me, we’d be honoured if you chose us too.

How often do you check your tyres?

Please don’t reluctantly truckle in to our premises when you realise that your tyres are already unsafe.

It may be tempting to get a few more miles out of tyres to try to save money or offset a bill until payday but this could have dangerous ramifications.

Check tyres regularly to ensure safety, not just for you but your passengers, other road users and pedestrians.

If you’ve taken on a long journey or passed over demanding rough terrain then please make a special effort to check tyres.

Don’t neglect to clean treads and remove any small items and stones. Check the valves too. You want to be safe, don’t you?

Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that have direct contact with the road and the tread plays a vital part in removing water from the road to deliver the best grip as you travel.

Did you know that when the tread is at the legal limit this means its wear and tear has reached the degree that tyre fitting services are not only recommended but imperative?

RoSPA advises that tyres should be changed before they reach the legal tread limit. It’s not us fibbing and trying to make money!

What cost peace of mind?

Are any of your tyres…





Or has the tread has become distorted?

§Please don’t use second hand or part worn tyres. Their tread is borderline safe at best.

§If you have second hand or worn tyres, seek us out. As your local tyre specialist, we’ll work effectively to eradicate issues.

§Re-tread tyres can sometimes be manufactured from unsound ones. Legally permitted re-tread tyres have a sound structure with the old rubber and sidewall to build upon. If in doubt, call in. Don’t take any risks.

§Only an expert service provider for tyre fitting near me that I can trust should advise about changing the tyre types. An incorrect choice by an unqualified person could prove fatal.

Many brands of tyres are kept in stock and when they’re not we can order them in within 24 hours. We’re here to keep you safe and roadworthy.

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