Summer Car Tyres Or Wet Weather Tyres?

Picture of a Summer Tyre

We all know that the Great British Summer can be challenging; sometimes we have predominantly wet and windy summers and other years we bake under the relentless sun. It can be difficult to decide whether vehicle performance, fuel consumption and safety would be better with summer car tyres, all weather tyres or wet weather tyres.

Unique tread and composition qualities, substantial investment in development and focus on driver safety means that using the right car tyre is good old fashioned common sense. The tyres are the only part of any vehicle which have contact with the road.

Tyre fitting guidance

Summer tyres have been designed to deliver the best performance in summer’s warm weather conditions. Quietly efficient and offering accurate steering, they deliver excellent grip on wet and dry roads and therefore optimum safety levels when the temperatures are above 7 degrees Celsius. The chill makes the summer tyres more brittle.

Vitally, used correctly, summer car tyres lessen your fuel costs over the summer too.

All weather car tyres should only be used when the winter temperature does not reach 5 degrees Celsius or below; that’s rare in many parts of the UK.

Winter tyres are effective at 7 degrees Celsius or lower, thanks to the rubber content used. Most of the country’s drivers can switch to summer tyres in April and back to winter tyres as frosts begin in October.

Summer tyres shouldn’t be perceived as a luxury

Too many drivers try to save money by continuing to use the incorrect tyres or ones past the legal tread limit but this is illegal, unsafe and often more expensive than taking advantage of the innovations in tyre development for seasonal use. What price do you place on you and your passengers wellbeing? Quality cheap tyres and tyre fitting services are far less costly than ignoring the need to make a change.

RoSPA recommends that worn tyres are replaced before the legal minimum tread is reached: at 3mm. If your tyres are wearing thin (or even if they’re not,) please take the opportunity to have summer car tyres fitted today.

In 2016, RoSPA’s statistics showed that 8 people died and 120 people were left seriously injured by accidents in which illegal, defective or under inflated tyres were a contributory factor.

If you have any doubts about your tyres performance, simply call in to Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts for an assessment and enjoy peace of mind.

Trust local tyre fitting specialists

Obtaining high quality cheap tyres from a leading local expert, Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts, can be achieved with the minimum of fuss, the maximum levels of tyre fitting and customer service. We have the time and dedication to explain what we do and why and to treat you as a unique customer rather than one person in a long line of people we’ll see that day.

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We care about your safety and driving experience so please call in today.