The Effects of The Long Hot Summer on Your Car

Picture of Summer Car Tyres

Summer 2018 hit some phenomenal temperatures and for some of us the advance in to autumn is a welcome break from the heat. So, if you feel that way, how well do you think your car tyres have coped during the hottest summer since 1976?

Fuel consumption increases during a heatwave, as does the likelihood of damage to the tyres, and the water in the battery evaporates more quickly.

Only Tyres Have Direct Contact with The Road

Summer tyres have been designed to deliver optimum performance in warm weather conditions. Reliable, efficient and offering accurate steering, they deliver safety when the temperatures are above 7 degrees Celsius. All weather, winter and wet weather tyres present greater issues during a heatwave.

You may have already found out that your tyres don’t appreciate extreme heat; performance is compromised, especially with old tyres thanks to friction from the road, the sun on the tyres and the heat of the road surface.

The tread suffers from the effects of driving in the heat. Please do not let tread fall below legal limits; RoSPA recommends tyre changes at 3mm, long before reaching the limit, to improve safety.

Consider the impact of parking with one side of the vehicle in direct sunlight and the other side in the shade; the sun warmed tyres are affected adversely as their pressure differs from the cooler two.

Underinflation, braking efficiency, the load being carried, and the delight of Britain’s roads plentiful potholes pose potential problems. Burning rubber, a blown out or slowly leaking tyre is never a welcome addition to the commute or school run.

Stay alert, stay safe

According to the RAC, hot weather can cause as much trouble as icy winters for drivers.

Checking your car tyres regularly is common sense and we recommend a visit to our centre so that we can assess whether the summer has had an impact on your vehicle. We’re proud to be your local professional tyre, exhaust, brake and battery specialists. Mick Jones and the team are here to help keep you safe. Peace of mind is significantly better than hoping for the best.

Did you know that the penalty for using illegal tyres is a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points for each illegal tyre?

When new car tyres are necessary, we have a wide variety of brands in stock and others can be on site within 24 hours.

Our experts use a cool inflation pressure to maximise the effectiveness of tyres and service; the vehicle hasn't been driven for a several hours before the measurement. Checking pressure immediately after driving is a risk which no professional takes.

Remember, it won’t be too long before car tyres find themselves negotiating autumn and winter’s challenging weather conditions. Ensure that you’re prepared for everything from a late shot of summer heat to persistent rain or snow.

Please call in today for friendly, swift service that leaves you full of confidence.