Where’s an exhaust centre near me?

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Hello. Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts are proud to be local, respected, cost effective and highly efficient. We couple our knowledge with dedication and friendliness that you don’t get from a national chain of exhaust centres. You’re just one of a long line of people and vehicles with them but our team know our customers and call many of them friends. We have seen several generations of the same family pass through the centre with their exhaust, tyre and realignment needs.

As an interested local exhaust centre team, we don’t think of you as a walking, talking money making device. You’re a person who we’ll happily answer questions for, offer advice and try to save money with suitable, always legal and safe, fixes so that you don’t ever pay more than you need to. For example, if we can weld to fix an issue we won’t tell you that a new exhaust is necessary. We go the extra mile so that you don’t have to.

Before you wonder if we’re too good to be true or start to search for a skeleton in Mick Jones or the team’s closet-garage, we’ll tell you about exhausts and the car exhaust fitting services we offer.

1.If you have any doubts about the functionality of your exhaust, please don’t ignore your instincts to save money. Get it checked. Did you know that faulty exhausts account for more deaths than road traffic accidents?

2.Remember: “A stitch in time saves nine.” Or less exhaust work in a vehicle’s case and this makes the bill nicer to read.

3.If the correct exhaust isn’t in stock for immediate fitting, it can normally be sourced within 30 minutes. Our car exhaust fitting services don’t waste your time.


Your exhaust:

Directs exhaust fumes away from passengers in the vehicle.

Improves the engine’s performance.

Fuel consumption is more efficient.

Controls operational noise.

A blown exhaust pipe will reduce your fuel consumption, reduce engine performance, increase emissions, and most likely get you stopped by the police; who knows what inconvenience that might result in!


Tailpipe – The most known part of the exhaust.

Silencer box or boxes – These are connected to the catalytic converter and the tailpipe. They must work to environmental and legal specifications.

Exhaust manifold – The funnel that releases the exhaust fumes from the engine.

Car exhaust fitting

Our team won’t baffle you with jargon but they will make your experience more enjoyable and stress free than you’d probably expect. Call in if….

You hear rattling. It’s likely that the exhaust has come out of alignment or that there is a crack or blockage.

You hear hissing or roaring sounds. An issue with the exhaust manifold, gasket or the tailpipe frequently offers audible clues like these.

If you notice separating joins or rusty components. Silencers suffer from corrosion caused by acidic moisture.

Your exhaust needs you

There are many demands on our time and adding an exhaust checking chore may not be welcome but ask yourself whether you’d be happy to take a flight if the pilot and engineers hadn’t taken all due care. You’d be running back to the terminal! So why leave your exhaust and safety to chance?

Peace of mind is priceless.