Your Local Exhaust Centre

Exhaust Specialist Centre

We can’t nag you from dawn until dusk about getting your tyre tread or the exhaust’s rattling checked any more than we can remind you to go to the dentist or visit your Aunty Flo. However, we can recommend that you contact us to guarantee smooth and safe operation of your transportation. ROSPA and a succession of governments have constructed strict guidelines about how efficiently and environmentally safe vehicles must be managed and maintained.

Would you be happy taking off for a flight if the safety checks hadn’t been carried out? And yet you’ll happily, carelessly plonk yourself down in your car trip after trip without taking the time to establish that your four-wheeled friend is in rude health.

Our car exhaust specialists and tyre team check tread, alignment, offer advice when something odd seems to be happening with your vehicle and answer your questions. Ignoring an issue could cost lives and that’s an unnecessary price to pay when it’s compared to the fees charged by Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts, your local exhaust centre and tyre specialist.

If you want you, your family, friends and other drivers to be alive and well whenever you’re in transit then “prevention is better than cure” is an adage you should adopt. Regular checks and minor fixes will, in many cases, negate larger repair or replacement jobs which obviously incur a greater fee.

Our local exhaust centre team has time to educate, reassure and to add the personal touch to your experience.

You’re a person to us, not just another car owner in an endless stream being uniformly served by a national chain. If your preference is for impersonal and functional service without any sense of welcome and with a reluctance to have questions answered then that’s your choice but we know that our customers appreciate our friendliness, services and accessibility. We live and work in your community so we are eminently suitable to be your exhaust fitting specialists, and we’d be honoured.

  • We’re trained, qualified and experienced.
  • We believe in providing the optimum levels of customer service.
  • All our work comes with a guarantee.
  • Prices are competitive.
  • All parts are of the highest quality.
  • We offer effective solutions and work to minimise outlay to the customer.
  • Many exhausts and parts are held in stock.
  • We can source parts which are out of stock within 30 minutes.
  • We don’t coerce customers in to purchases or services that they’re not happy with.
  • We care about getting it right.

Exhaust components:

  • Tailpipe.
  • A silencer box or boxes, attached to the tailpipe and the catalytic converter. Vital to maintaining legal environmental levels.
  • The exhaust manifold is the funnel that releases exhaust fumes from the engine.

Whether you hear strange rattling, roaring, tapping, see blue or white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe or uncover some rusted or corroded parts, it is essential to let our car exhaust specialists perform our duty to you by bringing your vehicle in for repair or exhaust fitting.

We can check your tyres too.