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What to Expect From Your Local Tyre Centre

If you want to ensure your vehicle is safe, roadworthy and efficient, keeping your tyres in good condition is vital. Take a look at how Thatcham Tyre Centre can help…

How Well Do You Know Your Exhaust?

Did you know that vehicles used for short journeys are prone to experience exhaust corrosion more quickly than those engaged in long distance journeys? Read on for more facts...

We’re Your Number 1 Choice Local Tyre Centre

The British weather delivers challenges to drivers; no matter how competent you are, the need to have the right tyres fitted for the optimum performance levels, whatever the weather conditions, is paramount. Let us help to ensure you get the correct tyres.

The Effects of The Long Hot Summer on Your Car

Summer 2018 hit some phenomenal temperatures and for some of us the advance in to autumn is a welcome break from the heat. So, if you feel that way, how well do you think your car tyres have coped during the hottest summer since 1976?

Summer Car Tyres Or Wet Weather Tyres?

Unique tread and composition qualities, substantial investment in development and focus on driver safety means that using the right car tyre is good old fashioned common sense. The tyres are the only part of any vehicle which have contact with the road.

Were You Ready For “The Beast from the East” Travel Conditions?

As a leading local tyre centre, we witnessed a sharp increase in enquiries about winter tyres which didn’t surprise our knowledgeable team. It’s ironic that when winter tyres are recommended but the weather isn’t too challenging that drivers shy away from an investment. 

Heavy Snow Requires Greater Efficiency Tyres

Winter tyres for remote areas in which roads aren’t treated makes good old-fashioned sense and in urban areas your driving distances and frequencies, experience of driving in snow, stress levels in bad weather and the risk of snow, ice and tricky journeys across the winter months are deciding factors.

Your Local Exhaust Centre

We can’t nag you from dawn until dusk about getting your tyre tread or the exhaust’s rattling checked any more than we can remind you to go to the dentist or visit your Aunty Flo. However, we can recommend that you contact us to guarantee smooth and safe operation of your transportation. ROSPA and a succession of governments have constructed strict guidelines about how efficiently and environmentally safe vehicles must be managed and maintained.

Where’s an exhaust centre near me?

Hello. Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts are proud to be local, respected, cost effective and highly efficient. We couple our knowledge with dedication and friendliness that you don’t get from a national chain of exhaust centres. You’re just one of a long line of people and vehicles with them but our team know our customers and call many of them friends. We have seen several generations of the same family pass through the centre with their exhaust, tyre and realignment needs.

Local Tyre Fitting Services

Here at Thatcham Tyre and Exhausts we don’t believe that any customer should feel like they are just one more person in the long succession that we see every day. Each tyre assessment, tyre fitting services or exhaust task you bring to us deserves, and receives, 100% commitment, professionalism and expertise. You enjoy a friendly, informative service.

We’re Your Local Exhaust Specialists



Using national chains for car exhaust fitting services can leave you feeling as though you are just another person with a car in an endless and impersonal stream.We don’t like that feeling at Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts, we’re local exhaust specialists who offer friendly, efficient exhaust and car maintenance services that make you feel special.



New website, same exceptional service levels


On behalf of Mick Jones and his team, welcome to Thatcham Tyre and Exhaust’s exciting new website built by Wysi of Berkshire.

We’ve decided to freshen our online appearance for 2017 and we hope that you find the site simple to use, accessible and informative. We know that customers don’t want to read reams of information or see industry jargon during a website visit so our webpages contain clear wording and images of what you need to know rather than a lot of unnecessary waffle and diverting background patterns that give you a headache.


Are your tyres looking tired?

We hate to lecture, so we won’t, but you should be aware of your responsibilities related to tyre laws. Please don’t close the webpage window. This will be interesting and informative so please read on.